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- Long-term investing is a great way to supplement your flipping
- Bad Company 2 will be set in Vietnam
- Some Thoughts On Winning the Seasonal Deadman Tournament
- To get the Spiked Boots
- We advertised this around the board

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 Bad Company 2 will be set in Vietnam Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The company discovered surprising opportunity with last summer's Xbox Live and PlayStation Network downloadable Battlefield 1943 -- built by developer teams that were between projects, with a budget in the single-digit millions, the Buy RS Gold product turned an extremely high margin.It reaped $16 million in revenue, according to Brown, who called it an industry first in terms of the delivery mechanism. Brown also said the step-up in revenue that Bad Company 2 saw from its robust incremental content was pretty pronounced, and in FIFA's new Ultimate Team mode, we see people spending $500, $600, $700 on digital card packs.

The next content pack for Bad Company 2 will be set in Vietnam, a move Brown said was geared to compete head to head with Call of Duty: Black Ops.We've at least in part kind of cracked the code of how to extend the revenue derived from a physical disc to the digital world, Brown said. Now, the company's goal is to bring as many of its top-performing brands into the digital space as possible. That's not to say the company will join the naysayers who believe physical goods are immediately on their way out: Contrary to what certain industry representatives might suggest, interactive entertainment overall... is a growth marketplace, Brown suggests.

Even within packaged goods, there are really good growth drivers... rs 07 gold ongoing strength in high-definition platforms for at least the next three to four years.He called the launches of Kinect and Move a perfect example of platform extensions that remain possible on home consoles, and that more and more publishers will be looking at ways to take a high-definition game disc, augment it with further content and experiment with DLC. Right now, EA expects to see three quarters of a billion dollars in diversified digital business for the year on the whole. We think we're growing most rapidly in DLC for the console; the majority of our growth -- 85 percent -- is organic versus acquired,RuneScape Gold and as we look to the future... we think digital starts with the disc and the high-definition platforms...

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 Some Thoughts On Winning the Seasonal Deadman Tournament Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If you play Oldschool Runescape, you've probably heard of the Seasonal Deadman Invitational Tournament. The top 2000 players from each season of Deadman Mode will be placed in a winner-takes-all fight to Dagannoth Mother , where the last man standing wins $10,000. Players have devised all sorts of methods and plans to win the tournament, but of course only at the end will we find out which methods are effective. Aside from the obviously advantageous ideas like being in a clan, I've come up with some strategies that I think will give you a fair chance at overcoming the odds and winning the whole thing.

If you're a solo player, it's safe to say that near the end of the tournament you'll run into some trouble with clans. How does one fight a clan? To put it shortly, you can't. However, you don't need to fight them to win. As the Deadman Tournament comes to a close, the entire map will be filled with a deadly gas which presumably constantly damages players like an incurable poison. Depending on how strong the gas is, you may not even need to attack other players to win. Just outfit yourself in full tank gear with a full inventory of brews, and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. You'll still get attacked, but your attackers will have a full inventory of equipment which will limit their ability to tank the gas for as long as you. This is all highly speculative, but it certainly gives you a better chance than deciding to fight an entire clan by yourself.

Another option is to turn your account into a blood barrage mage-tank. You'll want to get 92 magic and some Ahrim's robes, or at the very least mystic. You'll also want to train your defense as high as possible. The idea here is to last as long as possible by using blood barrage to heal yourself off of other players and monsters. As long as you don't get KOed, you should be able to last for a while. Blood barrage will also help you outlast the poison gas by healing off of miscellaneous monsters, if you're able to avoid other players.

Our last method for extreme Deadman Mode survival is to outfit yourself in full tank gear with brews, but also bring along some fishing supplies. What you'll be doing is, as your food begins to run out, fishing sharks and cooking them on the range in Catherby. Depending on how fast you're able to fish these, this could be a useful method for surviving prolonged damage; maybe even long enough to win the entire contest?

All these methods are speculative of course, and it's hard to predict who will end up winning the Seasonal Deadman Tournament. However, we know one thing for certain: if you go in without a gameplan, you'll bound to rs 07 gold. Those who think outside the box have the highest chance of success, especially in an unpredictable and novel event such as the Deadman Tournament. Best of luck to all of you!

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 To get the Spiked Boots Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The puzzle you need to solve by reading the combination is inside of the castle, and you must place the stone balls in the correct position Quick guide. You can see the completed puzzle by clicking here. Another Way Up North of the the group of soldiers near Denulth's tent is a dirt road, which you can follow until you reach a cave on the side of the mountain. Go inside and talk to the man named Saba.

Ask him if he knows another way up to the Death Plateau, and he says that a sherpa that he has seen around may know another way to get up there. Follow the path northwest until it ends, and then head west until you find a small hut. Knock on the door and go inside, and then speak to Tenzing. He tells you that he knows a secret way up the plateau, but he needs you to get him a few things. He needs 10 Loaves of Bread, 10 Cooked Trout, and some new Spiked Boots. The bread and trout can be bought or cooked.

To get the Spiked Boots, talk to Dunstan, the smithy located in the northeast part of town. He will make them for you, but you need to get his son into the Imperial Guard. He will also need an Iron Bar. Now visit Denulth and tell him the situation, and he will give you a Certificate saying that Dunstan's son is in the RS Gold. The bar can either be bought or smithed. Bring these 2 things back to Dunstan, who will now make the Spiked Boots. Bring the 3 things back to Tenzing who will give you a Secret Way Map in exchange for them. Behind his house is a small pen. Climb over the Stile and follow the twisting path North, and then East until your character says that you've gone far enough. Now you can go back to Denulth to collect your reward!

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 We advertised this around the board Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We advertised this around the board to get as many people as we could. Once the numbers were up, Flameguy3 and I designated ourselves as leaders of the march, walking parallel with each other.We managed to get Dabestkillaz on board Buy RS Gold even though they were not a part of the community yet. We asked to borrow the Dragon Chainmail to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack in case anyone got lost. Agreeing to this was Dabestkillaz's most costly mistake.We couldn't just up and leave the march once we got the Dragon Chainmail, so we got Sabrewulf3 (Smithing training) to help out.

We let him in on the plan and offered him 50k before the march and another 50k after he gave the item back to us. With everything in place, we waited for the day of the march.When it came, players were assembling uniforms, banners and weapons. We arranged for everyone to meet at a sawmill northeast of Varrock, storm through the F2P worlds and swap to a members' world. This was when I would transfer the Dragon Chainmail to Sabrewulf3. Suddenly, a message popped up: Dabestkillaz would like to trade with you. This was it. The Dragon Chainmail appeared in the chat window and I immediately clicked accept. It was finally mine! This might seem like madness to current players, but at the time it was one of the best and rarest pieces of armour in the game. I wore it and swapped worlds where, much to my and Flameguy3's surprise, a Player Mod was in waiting.

I was shaking: could the mod know what we were doing? Was my account about to be banned for scamming people? I messaged Flameguy3 and he had the same reaction. Was the plan completely screwed? Saw the thread on tip.it, can't wait to join in. I breathed a sigh of relief: the mod just wanted to march with us, but it meant that the transfer of the Dragon Chainmail had to be even more inconspicuous. With everyone gathered at the meeting point, we set off and stormed the F2P lands as planned before making the switch to the members world. We got into the wilderness, a cover for Sabrewulf3 to escape with the 4rsgold and for me to die and lose the precious gear.Sabrewulf3 and I ran to a secluded spot away from the fighting. I took the armour off and made the trade with him. Afterwards he teleported to Varrck bank,4rsgold waiting for me.

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 Prepare yourself for the fourth Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Prepare yourself for the fourth and final part of a high-level killer monster challenge ended November Raptor: The Land of the Dead mammoth!Go Gielinor with your best equipment frozen north took their lives mammoth!Be sure to check it out this week, so most of the rest of the double killer XP! Where can I find their lives a mammoth, use Rellekka new boats, Northeast,Sell rs07 gold by the rock crabs.Requirements: You must be a member in RuneScape. 96 killer is required mammoth hurt their lives.

99 call to use the burden of the new beast.100 battle needs to be slayer master was assigned mammoth lives. Other information: Very high combat statistics and your best equipment, highly recommended. Beware they are responsible, and the glory of war!Land of the Dead is a good RuneLabs mammoth proposal is made Adelunth, will be the last to be added to the challenge killer thug Raptor.First, travel the northern coast of northeast magnet (outside) Rellekka's.

By the rock crab, you'll find two boats: the use of a large traveling to an ancient iceberg, where you will find their lives mammoth herd.Beast of these territories would pose a real threat to any who dare to face their adventures. If they have you in their eyes, get out of the way fast, or you'll see nine tons of ivory, bones and fur for your arrival with their assault attack!Survival fight with them, you might get a huge package of ivory can be used to call your baby mammoth (requires 99 call).

They may be small, but the best beast of burden them in the game, holding mammothy transport of up to 32 slots!Be sure to pay attention to the fourth and final part of a key! Put together your keys together - finally rs 07 gold- redeem your chest booty from Raptor. It's packed with killer stuff related to the brim - more - so make sure that, if you can pop the lock!

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